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The consequences of that act were unexpected and far-reaching, as Nate and Holocaust were both transported to the actual reality when it reasserted itself. Nate arrives in Switzerland, and is approached by a very alive but amnesic Madelyne Pryor. Madelyne helps Nate adjust to this reality, but they are separated soon after by Selene. Nate wanders the Earth alone, encountering many who either desire to use his power or genuinely want to help him, only for Nate’s own suspicious nature to prompt him to drive them away. During this time, he unintentionally contributes to the eventual manifestation of Onslaught: Nate senses Xavier’s astral form spying on him, and drags him into the real world. This feat inspires the aspects of Onslaught in Xavier’s mind to create a psychic body for himself, resulting in Onslaught manifesting an independent body.

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